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The MidWest Universal Crate Caster is designed to fit most wire crates by attaching to the intersection of any two cross wires. The casters provide portability and ease of movement with easy rolling, locking casters and come packed with two casters. Why two per pack? MidWest suggests that you use only four casters on crates 30 inches or smaller, however on crates 36 inches and higher, six casters may be necessary in order to support the additional weight.

Key Benefits

  • 2-pack Universal Locking Casters
  • Fits all wire cages
  • Easy to install
  • 2-inch easy-roll locking casters

Why should you Crate Train your puppy ?

1/ Dogs in the wild live in a den which provides protection and a great deal of psychological satisfaction. All dogs, therefore, have a strong natural tendency to seek out this type of shelter.

2/ In your home, if your dog has no place to call his own, he will make feeble attempts to curl up under a table, a chair or some other choice location

3/ When you use a MidWest Home, you give your puppy a place to feel secure and something to get his back up against. He won’t feel isolated because the pet home provides essential visibility and ventilation. Just like a baby in a playpen

4/ You will also be taking advantage of his natural instinct to keep his home clean, therefore, when he has to “go” he will try to hold it until you can take him outside to the proper area.

5/ This will teach him a schedule and help him avoid accidents.

6/ With a MidWest Home, your puppy will have few behavior problems like excessive chewing and barking.

7/ But most of all, by providing him a safe and secure home, he’ll be happier and more self-confident.