MidWest Spare Dog Crate bases


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MidWest Spare Dog Crate bases

The replacement mid west crate bases come in every size needed for every Midwest crate

Hopefully you will never need one but at least they are here for peace of mind if you ever do

Dog crates are widely available and have five main uses:

  • Open ‘den’ area: Some dogs appear to benefit from having an open ‘den’ that they can use as a safe place where they feel secure.
  • Training aid: For example helping puppies to learn to be left alone or for helping with toilet training.
  • Short-term confinement: For example, where owner supervision is not possible.
  • Veterinary advised: In some circumstances a vet may advise the use of a crate .This could be for aiding recovery after surgery.
  • Transportation: Crates can help keep dogs secure and comfortable whilst being transported.

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