Riley’s Rabbit Home


Riley’s Rabbit Home offers your rabbits and guinea pigs two storey accomodation of veritable mansion-like proportions.


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Riley’s Rabbit Home

Riley’s Rabbit Home is available in three sizes:

  • 8137256 – House 1220x580x480 (4’1″ x 1’10” x 1’6″); Run 1120x990x440 (4’1″ x 1’10” x 1’6″)
  • 8137258 – House 1525x580x480 (5’1″ x 1’10” x 1’6″); Run 1425x990x440 (4’8″ x 1’10” x 1’6″)
  • 8137260 – House 1830x580x480 (6′ x 1’10” x 1’6″); Run 1730x990x440 (5′ 8″ x 1’10” x 1’6″)


About Riley’s Home:

The “upstairs” accommodation offers a safe and enclosed area in which your pets can stay warm in winter. Whilst downstairs, accessed through a sloping ramp, allows pets to access the lawn for some grassy grazing.

When choosing the perfect hutch for your Rabbit there are a few things to consider to make them feel right at home.

It is very important that your furry friend has plenty of room to move around and stretch out in all directions. If your rabbit can’t stretch out fully it may lead to health problems or obesity.
Always offer your pet a cozy and calm area where they can feel safe and able to hide away from predators or harsh weather conditions. It’s a good idea to place your hutch in its permanent position before introducing your pet. Moving the hutch around too much may cause unnecessary stress.

Remember your pet needs a lot of exercise to stay fit and healthy.

The RSPCA has a great welfare page, with lots of tips on what your rabbit needs to live a long and happy life. click the link below.

Or if your a thinking of adopting why not click this link to give a beautiful bunny a forever home

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