Rambo The Rabbits Ark


This neat little Rabbit Ark offers practical and reliable animal accommodation that is truly good value for money. It’s assembly and cleaning alike are quick and easy, and it gives all the space and shelter necessary for pets to really play.

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Rambo The Rabbits Ark

Rambo The Rabbits Ark offers a warm and cozy area for your rabbit to feel safe, with plenty of room for them to stretch out on the grass.

5′ x 2′ x 1’8″

Did you know that rabbits in the wild run about 3 miles a day? Therefore it’s very important that your rabbit gets the opportunity to run jump and hop about in the garden.

Your rabbit ideally needs 3 hours of exercise and or interaction a day. If you let your rabbit out in the garden make sure you have made the space extra safe. They need to be able to hide from predictors and that they are unable to burrow out.

Letting your rabbit roam your garden is one way they get some exercise. Why not make it more fun for them by hiding treats around the garden? Or challenge them to an obstacle course! Rabbits are naturally more active at dusk and dawn and like to relax in the middle of the day at its hottest. If your rabbit is reluctant to go back in his/her cage maybe that is a sign its not getting enough exercise.

Knowing what to feed your rabbit is very important, they need a varied diet, have a look at the RSPCA video for more info on what to feed your rabbit.