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Fashion Pet Beds
MidWest’s Quiet Time Bolster Beds are the perfect addition to any home with a pet. The Bolster pet bed provides the perfect area for your pet to call his/her own. The Quiet Time Pet Bed is stain resistant and completely machine washable. The Quiet TIme Pet Bed is available in white synthetic fleece, cozy synthetic fur of pearl gray, or fashionable cinnamon.
Quiet Time Pet Beds are made from ultra soft synthetic sheepskin and have a cushioned cotton base with comfortable Polyester filled bolsters. They are great for use in carriers, vehicles, and more!


• Keeps Pets Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer
• Plush Ultra-Soft Synthetic
• Completely Machine Washable
• Comfortable Polyester-Filled Bolsters, Cushioned Poly/Cotton Base
• Available in a variety of colours and sizes

Pet Bed versus Human bed

Should your dog be allowed to sleep in your bed, with or without you? Probably not. If you decide to let her share your personal retreat, be prepared to deal with all sorts of dominance situations that can occur. Consider these examples:

Have you ever visited a friend for a weekend or holiday, only to find yourself sharing a bed with the family dog? Even dog lovers might not sleep soundly with a strange canine beside them.

Power struggles and “love triangles” can develop when a single person who sleeps with his dog brings a human girlfriend home. Many lovers’ spats and break-ups originate with the hurt feelings of a dog denied her usual sleeping place. The request to “love me, love my dog,” can be a legitimate one, so long as it doesn’t require sharing a pillow.
Children and teenagers who are close to their dogs often disregard their parents’ wishes to keep the dog off the bed.

We recommend you never allow your dog to believe she/he has a right to your bed . Dogs are pack animals and therefore will believe they have dominance over you if they can chose where they sleep !

We suggest that a good tip would be for you to choose if and when your dog can climb on your bed !

Above all, if your dog nips at you when claiming possession of the bed, call a trainer immediately. You need professional help.


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