Midwest Nation Hide & Seek Tunnel


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Midwest Nation Hide & Seek Tunnel

The Midwest Nation Hide & Seek Tunnel is one toy your fuzzy won’t want to be without! Ferrets in particular have a natural tunneling instinct. This tunnel is easy to clean and after your pet has finished playing it can snuggle into the tunnel and get some well deserved rest ! Many hours can be spent watching your ferret pets run in and out of these tunnels . For homes with more than one ferret a game of chase is never to far away !

Ferrets can sleep for up to 20 hours a day so when they are awake they will want to have as much fun as possible

The Midwest Nation Hide & Seek Tunnel is suitable for both the critter nation and the ferret nation

Product Features:

Great fun for ferrets and other small animals – encourages exercise and satisfies the instinctual urge to tunnel
Reduces boredom and helps eliminate cage stress
Offers your furry friend a private, dark spot to rest
Poly microsuede fabric is durable and long-lasting
Stain- and odor-resistant
Washer and dryer safe

Item Specifications:

40”L x 5 ¼”DIA