Midwest Nation Hammock Hideaway


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Midwest Nation Hammock Hideaway

The Midwest nation hammock hideaway is the perfect accessory for your pet to create a safe area for rest

The hammock is machine washable and dryer friendly creating a long lasting accessory for your Ferret / Critter Nation.

Can you just imagine spending your days lounging around watching the world go by ? Especially with your friends lounging around in a nearby hammock as well.

This ultra soft hammock will easily clip to any cage making it really versatile.

Hammocks are designed to be suspended from the cage, forming a “dimple” that the ferret curls up in. Ferrets simply love hammocks .

Hammocks are great because they add more usable space to a cage. They can be strategically hung to provide “steps” to a higher level and therefore they will prevent long falls in a multistory cage.

Why hammocks ? 

The history of hammocks isn’t very clear , no wild ferret cousin would dream of climbing up a tree and sleeping out in the open! Rumor has it that a female ferret owner of ample proportions suspended her old bras in her ferret cage and the ferrets loved to sleep in the cups. Improvements on this early experiment, the story goes, led to today’s hammocks. Who knows if it is true or not but it is quite interesting .

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