MidWest Nation Busybody Blankie


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MidWest Nation Busybody Blankie

The MidWest Nation busybody blankie has multiple pockets , tunnels and lots of puffball strings for burrowing , play and exploring around

The Blankies are machine washable and are made from ultra soft polyester

Ferrets just love to play . They are only awake for a few hours per day , some ferrets sleep as many as 15 – 20 hours . When your ferret is up and about they sure do like to have some fun. Many hours can be spent watching them chase each other round and round , in and out and then they will eventually find their resting place and fall to sleep . Most ferrets like to fall to sleep in hammocks and these are also available in our collection.

All of the accessories within this range compliment each other therefore making it really easy to create a superb living environment for your furry friends .