Midwest Guinea pig Habitat Ramp Cover


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  • Covers ramp to provide traction Helps protect guinea pigs sensitive feet
  • Easily added to current set up
  • Velcro tabs to secure Ramp Cover to your Guinea Habitat
  • Durable, PVC-lined Canvas Bottom allows for easy maintenance
  • Leak Proof and Hand Washable

Size: 18.75″ L x 7″ W x .25″ H
Weight: 1 lbs

Guinea pigs are small sociable animals that like to be kept in groups. We recommend that unless told otherwise you should keep them in 2’s + . Our suggestion would be along the lines of a neutered male and a female or 2 , 2 neutered brothers if they have been reared together or two females . In the case of adoption and rehoming there may be a Guinea pig which needs to be kept on its own for a variety of reasons.

Guinea pigs , like young children need to be kept amused !

Here are some ideas:-

  • Having a pair or a group of is very important. Wild guinea pigs live in herds and depend on each other for security. Lone guinea pigs can become bored, inactive and depressed.
  • Guinea pigs are prey animals and so they like places to hide. Provide them with retreat areas such as cardboard boxes (with holes cut into the sides), tunnels (made of willow, plastic or cardboard) and piles of hay. There are many options available
  • Guinea pigs need to gnaw in order to wear down their continually-growing teeth.
  • Provide them with fruit tree branches, such as apple and willow, for the ideal natural dental chew.
  • Fill paper bags with natural treats or hide vegetables in plant pots. This will encourage your guinea pigs to forage for their food, as they would in the wild. Just look at their faces when they come across something hidden away
  • Be inventive when providing enrichment. Change the objects and the layout of the run and hutch regularly in order to keep your guinea pigs interested and alert. Every time you do this it will become a new challenge to them.