Harvey’s Chicken Hotel


Harvey’s house is great for those owners who want their chickens to have a bit more space.
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All About Harvey’s Hotel:

  • Easy access for cleaning
  • A pull-out cleaning tray
  • A quick close door for the evenings which can be accessed outside of the run
  • Large nesting box which makes egg collecting really easy
  • Multiple windows and doors

6’10” x 2’11” x 4’4″

Harvey’s Hotel is more than just a standard chicken coop. This coop is a luxury hutch offering your chickens a safe haven, out of reach from predators.
Upstairs accommodation is spacious, with a cozy nesting box at the back to keep your hens safe and dry while laying eggs.
Downstairs offers plenty of ventilation with multiple windows and doors.
This is an ideal purchase if it is your first time keeping chickens, this hotel offers you everything you need to keep your own brood.

The best environment for chickens
Keeping chickens can be a lot of fun, they have bundles of character and can be great little pets. Not to mention produce delicious eggs for breakfast!
There are a few things to consider when making sure you have the right home for your chickens! They need somewhere dry and warm but with good ventilation. You need to provide space for your chickens to stretch their wings and have enough room for your chickens to roost on perches. The floor of the house should be covered in dry wood shavings to allow them to take a dust bath inside as well as outside.
If you want your hens to lay eggs then you will need a quiet nest box which is draft free and made comfortable with straw.
A chicken’s house should be regularly cleaned and disinfected to remove parasites.
If you’re not sure which breed is most suitable for you, check out this helpful video.

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