Harriet’s Run


A chicken run designed to go with Harriet’s House

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Harriet’s Run

Harriet’s Run is an additional run that is perfect when you pair it up with Harriet’s House. It can, however, be a standalone run or you can attach it to any other coop you may own.

6’4″ x 2’1″ x 2’2″

Why keep chickens?

Chickens produce a lot of waste, a lot! And people pay good money for fertilizer, but when you have chickens you have your very own supply. If you raise your chucks on an organic diet, then you will have some lovely organic fertilizer. You can put it on your garden beds or vegetable patches! This fertilizer will provide lots of nutrients and keep it all healthy.

Free Fresh Eggs, every morning for breakfast and you know what eggxactly (pardon the pun) has gone into the making of them, no nasty chemicals.

Minimal waste, chickens love leftover scraps, and you’re doing your bit for the planet. Less waste for you, chickens get fed! The waste the chickens then produce can then be used to fertilize your grass.

Pest control, your chickens will eat up all the natural pests in your garden, such as snails and slugs so your whole garden will benefit.

Chickens are great fun and full of character. Not to mention if you have children it’s a great way to educate them about raising animals. It will also teach them about having an eco-friendly environment in the years to come.

This video has some great tips on how to keep chickens through those winter months.