MidWest Guinea Pig Habitat plus with Roof

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MidWest Guinea Pig Habitat with Roof

This MidWest Guinea Pig habitat with roof is an amazing home for people beginning their journey into Guinea pig keeping and for those more experienced. This habitat can easily be extended by simply buying another one. The minimum we recommend for a guinea pig is 8sq foot. The more space your guinea pig has the happier they will be. We always recommend the purchase of a playpen or a run so that during warmer months you can let them play on the lawn.

We recommend that you place your Midwest Guinea Pig cage away from draughts, direct sunlight and noise (Tv and Radios). The ideal placement would be a room frequently used by the family but that is peaceful.

The wire mesh top of the guinea habitat is removable, so it can be washed easily to keep hygiene up. The canvas bottom of the habitat is also easily removable and is leak proof and washable. This means you don’t have to worry about where you put the habitat as it won’t leak, and is cleanable.

The main area is divided into a play area and a care area, with a ramp over the divider. The doors in the mesh top lock-in-place, and can be used as ramps from the habitat. No tools or connecting pieces are required to assemble and expand the habitat.

The guinea habitat is great for indoor or outdoor use, because of the leak-proof canvas bottom. It also folds flat for easy storage and travel. The habitat is 47” x 24” x 14” (L x W x H), and weighs 13lbs and so your habitat can easily travel wherever you go!


For the bedding, we recommend that you buy hay. Guinea pigs don’t just sleep on it is is also a large component of their diet.

We suggest you always buy hay that is light green or light brown in colour, never buy yellowing hay. Always make sure the hay you buy smells sweet and fresh

Did you know

Guinea pigs are active for 20 hours per day, therefore, making a great pet for your children

Guinea pigs live for an average of 5-6 years


If you are looking to buy a guinea pig why not consider adopting and giving a guinea pig its forever home?

The sites below also have lots more information on how to care for your guinea pig