Grooming Table


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Grooming Table

Midwest Homes for Pets is making your pet’s life more exciting and pleasant with Grooming Tables and accessories that are unique and exclusively designed for pets. Made from durable materials and fine finishing, this is definitely the pet grooming table that you can’t afford to miss. MidWest grooming tables are very rigid sturdy and easily setup.

They are also easy to clean and maintain with a “No-Slip” rubber, working surface. They have locking legs with durable no skid rubber floor caps to ensure the table doesn’t move about.

These grooming tables can also be accessorized with a grooming arm, a security loop, or a universal grooming table shelf where you can place your dog’s other items. The standard groom arm and security look come as standard.

The main platform is a strong and durable 12 ply. 3/4“ white pine platform. It also has a waterproof underside to prevent water damage. The trim is made of a protective vinyl to prevent and damage from knocking or bashing. The trim is also there to protect clothing from damage or discolouration. The legs are welded steel, and coated in black satin powder, so the grooming table is durable inside and outside.

The table is 36” x 24” x 30” (L x W x H), so please ensure that you have enough space to use the table before purchasing.