Gary The Guinea’s Ark


This neat little Guinea Pig Ark offers practicle and reliable animal accomodation that is truly good value for money. It’s assembly and cleaning alike are quick and easy, and it gives all the space and shelter necessary for pets to really play.

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Gary The Guinea’s Ark

Gary The Guinea’s Ark has a perfect area for your pet to see exactly what is going on in the garden. With spacious mesh windows at the front and hide away at the other end when its time to relax.

The Ark is easy to move around the garden and has a small door with a latch to open up bedding area.

3’3″ x 2′ x 1’8″

Guinea Pigs and their diet

Guinea pigs, also know as Cavies originate from South America and make great pets!

They are extremely sociable and curious animals and are much happier when they have other Guinea Pigs to keep them company.

Guinea pigs love to eat, whether its a carrot, hay or a piece of fruit, they can always be seen stuffing there face. Therefore it’s important that you get it right when it comes to feeding time. First of all fresh water should always be available. We recommend that you change their water every day. Especially pay extra attention to the colder months as the water could freeze over. ( Hint. put a sock over the water bottle in winter)

Grass hay is essential for your pet, full of fiber to keep their digestive system healthy and teeth clean. Dry Pellets provide additional vitamins that they can’t get from just hay. Herbs and Vegetables are great for guinea pigs as well. They add some variety and texture to their diet, but it is important that your pets’ diet is not entirely fresh veg. They love fresh greens such as broccoli, kale and grass these are high in vitamin C. (Citrus fruit is not something you should give to your pet). Remember Guinea Pigs have sensitive digestive systems so if you’re adding anything new to their diet, introduce it slowly, a piece at a time.

Why not have some fun when feeding your pet, have a look at the great Video form RSPCA. The DIY Sushi looks good enough to eat!


Extra Info

Please remember that all small animals need exercise to stay fit and healthy.

Head over to the Blue Cross website when you can find out about caring for your Guinea pig

we also have indoor Playpens which are especially good if you want to keep your guinea pig indoors over a cold period, or encourage more interaction with you and your family.