Midwest FERRET Nation Double Cage

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Midwest FERRET Nation Double Cage

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Midwest Ferret Nation Double Cage

The midwest ferret nation double cage is designed with Ferrets and their owners at the forefront  . We watched very closely how ferrets play, eat, sleep, interact – attending to their every need for maintaining a contented, happy and safe lifestyle. Then we began designing the best home for them . Midwest always put the animals needs over cutting corners to save a few pennies .

The result being the MidWest’s Ferret Nation®, a complete and feature-filled habitat providing Full-Width Door Openings ; one-hand operation Dual Locking Door Latches ; Wide Shelves and Full Platform Pans for maximum play area; Swing- Up Locking Ramps that securely separate ferrets for feeding and care, as well as, the very best Fit and Finish – resulting in the finest, long lasting, easy to maintain Quality Home for Your Ferret. All of this PLUS not tools required for assembly!

Why not make a 3 level ferret nation – this is really easy to do just by purchasing the ferret nation add on unit .

We have lots of additional extra available to give your ferrets hours of never ending fun

Size: (36″L x 25″W x 63 1/4″H)
Weight: 93 lbs


• Full Width Double Doors That Provide Maximum Accessibility for Easy Cleaning & Feeding
• Wide Expanse Shelf & Full Width Plastic Pan Floor to Provide Maximum Play Area and therefore preventing dangerous Falls
• Swing-Up Locking Ramps to Secure Sections for Cleaning Cage, Feeding & Separating Ferrets
• Ferret-Proof Dual-Locking Door Latches that will Provide Secure, Easy One-Handed Operation
• Height Adjustable Shelves with Removable Plastic Shelf Trays therefore making it easy to clean

• Multiple Attaching Points for Accessories – Hammocks, Tubes, Toys…
• Appropriately Angled Ramps with Reversible Happy Feet Ramp Covers Specifically Designed for Ferret’s Safety
• Sturdy Square Tube Frame & Wire Construction creating Maximum Ferret Security
• Gray Quartz Hammertone Finish Attractive & Durable which will Blend Well with Any Décor
• Easily Maneuverable Stand with Locking Caster that Raises Cage to Convenient Height & Provides Storage Area
•New NO Tools Assembly allows the Ferret Nation® to be compatible with Critter Nation™ cages !

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