MidWest FERRET Nation Add-on

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MidWest FERRET Nation Add-on

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MidWest Ferret Nation Add-on

MidWest Ferret Nation Add-on is for anyone wanting to turn their single into a double or their double into a triple

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Size: (36″L x 25″W x 24 1/2″H)
Weight: 41 lbs


• Full Width Double Doors That Provide Maximum Accessibility therefore making it easy to feed and clean
• Wide Expanse Shelf & Full Width Plastic Pan Floor to Provide Maximum Play Area & Prevent Dangerous Falls
• Swing-Up Locking Ramps to Secure Sections for Cleaning Cage, Feeding & Separating Ferrets
• Ferret-Proof Dual-Locking Door Latches that Provide Secure, Easy One-Handed Operation
• Height Adjustable Shelves with Removable Plastic Shelf Trays for Easy Cleaning
• Multiple Attaching Points for Accessories – Hammocks, Tubes, Toys…
• Appropriately Angled Ramps with Reversible Happy Feet Ramp Covers Specifically Designed for Ferret’s Safety
• Sturdy Square Tube Frame & Wire Construction for Maximum Ferret Security
• Gray Quartz Hammertone Finish Attractive & Durable – Blends Well with Any Décor
• Easily Maneuverable Stand with Locking Caster that Raises Cage to Convenient Height & Provides Storage Area

When your ferret is out of the cage

Ferrets are social creatures who enjoy visiting with people, so let them roam frequently in a secure area outside of their cages. Although they have a great sense of smell and acute hearing, ferrets have limited vision, which means you should avoid sudden movements and speak in a gentle voice before approaching.

Because ferrets have fragile skeletons, be sure to handle them carefully. Never pick up a ferret by the tail; instead, let the ferret come to you, then lift him from behind using two hands—one to support his chest and one to cradle his hips. You can also grasp the scruff of a ferret’s neck and support his bottom with your hands. Remember, too, that ferrets are known to nip. If you point a finger at a ferret or poke him, he may think you’re an enemy or a source of food.