Critter Nation Scatter Guard


Midwest Critter Nation scatter guard for the lower floor.

Prevents your pet from throwing bedding out of the cage

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Critter Nation Scatter Guard

Critter Nation Scatter Guard is great for keeping litter and debris in the cage and off your floors. Ideal for critters that like to kick and play pushing all their cage contents out of the cage! This scatter guard is for the lower floor.

  • Add 4 inches of depth to your Nation® pans
  • Interlocking guard pieces custom-designed to fit your Nation® pans, clipping onto them securely so they won’t fall off, yet easy to remove for deep cleaning
  • Pan cleanable with or without removing the guards
  • Lower-level guard has notched cutouts for use with an external ramp
  • Black finish makes these guards an attractive addition to your Nation® cage

A scatter guard for the upper floor can be purchased by clicking here.