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MidWest Dog Crate Nameplate Kit

Now you can personalize your dog’s crate! Put your dog’s name on the provided plastic nameplate or use the peel and stick letters on the existing nameplate.

Your friends and family will love it… and your dog will appreciate your thoughtfulness.


The kit is really easy to put together

The pack contains 2 Uppercase of each letter and 3 Lowercase of each letter.

it container 1 plastic nameplate and then 2 base stickers – so if the name of your pet changes you can simply stick a new base sticker over the original one

The plastic name plate has 4 areas to secure it onto the Dog Crate

it doesn’t even have to be your dogs name , you could put a selection of happy words

Each plastic base sticker includes the work “place” on it so it could be a happy place , alvins place , rovers place – any sort of place ! Apart from the fish of course ( Plaice)

We have also known these name tags to end up on non pet items such as work lockers , kids bikes , etc

Size: 6 1/2″L x 5 1/16″W x .093″D
Weight: 1 lbs

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